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advertising creative examining
poetics in design. (expand)

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“How can I affect my attitude towards the margin? Can we break down the periphery and establish a more inclusive core?” A unbound ‘book’ that outlines a process for observing, identifying, and reconciling societal margins.

In the book’s first 12 pages, you are asked to confront the reality of margins—considering different attitudes and biases within yourself —before attuning your ears to healing these iniquities in the next 12 pages. One complete unfolding of the book reveals three reversible posters quoting six people from marginalized groups, and leaves an unfixed matrix for interpreting the theme MARGINS ARE REAL, MARGINS ARE PAINFUL.

The brief: A 8.5×11”, 24-page publication interpreting the word ‘borders’ as a basis for form and content.                  
(Feb 2020)                                                                             Back ↑

Glover and Gambino for Pres

Love, will, and rhythm: the guiding principles if Donald Glover & Childish Gambino ran for Commander-in-Groove.

A brand visual system presentation for a dreamy and funky presidential campaign.                  
(May 2020)                                                                             Back ↑


Through the Adobe Creative Jam, Netflix challenged us to create a web app prototype that “celebrates shared stories through communal and authentic experiences”.

Team 808 (Angie Wijaya, Jiayi Ma and I) created Remo—derived from the word “remote” and inspired by the phrase “recapturing lost moments”. A solution, validated by 60 survey respondents, for users looking to connect with their community regardless of distance and time zones.
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The skinny: Web app prototype for 46 hr Adobe x Netflix Creative Jam; top 10 finalist out of nearly 700 teams.

(May 2020)                                                                             Back ↑