Various works
from 2019–2020

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A Sunny Day, Not Too Crazy, November 2020 (Dérive narrative on website coded from scratch in HTML/CSS, designed with Emily Knobloch)

Design Nomads, December 2020 (group installation of risograph sculpture interrogating design as a profession. Exhibited as a Senior Design Studio at Boston University School of Visual Arts Gallery 5. Designed and produced with Emily Bowen, Angela Lian, Chinwe Oparaji & Eleanor Schiltz. Full documentation on Medium)

Spark Joy, May 2020 (personalized illustrated postcards for my friends!)

Virulent, February 2020 (Pop-up installation in collaboration with Gregory Bond, Eun Kyo Hong, Joyce Hu & Emerson Lawton; read placard here)

Food photography

SXSW Experiential Storytelling Poster Series

Flag of the Mourned, November 2019 (Flag mapping unity in spite of the fragmentation of families that mass shootings in the U.S. cause)

Metacookbook, October 2019 (Zine that breaks down food concepts at each level of biological complexity). Curated texts include David Foster Wallace’s Consider the Lobster, Kant’s Aesthetics & Teleology, Why ‘Authentic’ Food is Bullshit, and self-written prose & poetry—not limited to flighty (rex) soles and Filipino pagpag.

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