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             is a creative examining poetics in design. (expand)


My Background
Raised on Lenapehoking land (Brooklyn, NY) & Tsalaguwetiyi/Eastern Cherokee (Cumming, GA) by 美霞 (Shirley) and 伟忠 (Joe), stubborn & proud owners of DJ Jewelry Repair, LLC. Currently learning on the territory of the Wampanoag and the Massachusett people (Boston, MA).

My Design Chops
Dusk to dawn giddies at Boston University—blue light-protected, of course

My Knife Chops
Gordon Ramsey/Munchies videos, a healthy fear of proving the “fingers-are-as-soft-as-carrots” myth right, and a Little Chef (iykyk)

Background Vid

Opening scene to Eat Drink Man Woman 飲食男女 (1994); a reminder that sound technique is hushed without heart.

DEC 2020  Branding/Illustration/Motion

growth Arts
District @ BU

NOV 2020  Exhibition Design/Environmental

As, Not For

OCT 2020  Book Design/Editorial/Curation

Fig. Vol -1

OCT 2020  Oral History/Visual System


JUN 2020  Web App Prototype

Remo App for
Adobe × Netflix

MAY 2020  Identity/Brand Presentation

Vote, Glover & Gambino!

APR 2020  Animation/Poetry

Non-Linear Community

FEB 2020  Poster & Book Design/Writing


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