Fig. Vol -1
October 2020

Fig. Vol -1 is a 480-page hardcover tome that explores the tension between the fictive qualities of statistics and data referenced by their contextualization, and how it impacts peoples’ realities.

The book contains a volume of our dissonance, observations, frustrations, and attitudes to the fidelity and identity politics that concern data and its (lack of) intimacy, as well as a curation of external literature. From the back cover:

“Data does not represent life. At the very least, it fails to capture the depth and breadth with which we understand humanity. Yet we exist in a world where data stokes fear, drawing unintentional relationship between people and behaviors, shaping identities: the act of bringing together & pulling apart.”

Designed, written, and edited in collaboration with Chinwe Operaji. Typeset in various weights of Editorial Neue by Pangram Pangram Foundry and Redaction by Jeremy Mickel and Forest Young.

The system for collaboration included handing off a USB and designing a certain amount of pages each day (100 spreads each, totaling 400 pages). The index lives in the middle of the book at page 240, presenting a chiasma of topics that we investigated. Every 25 pages marked a sequence of pixeled gradients, representing a relationship with data that slowly increases in abstraction. Every 80 pages, the style weight of Redaction decreases a standard in legibility, before the last 80 pages of the book comprising the fullest ‘exercise in redaction’.

You can also read an oral history I wrote documenting our partnership & process!

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