As, Not For
November 2020
Faye G., Jo and James Stone Gallery at Boston University

As, Not For: Dethroning our Absolutes is a traveling exhibition curated by Jerome Harris. As, Not For features prominent African American graphic designers’ work from 1899–2000 traditionally absent in design history/classrooms, in order to repudiate pedagogy normalizing Eurocentric/White-dominated aesthetic.

Collaborated with team to conceptualize and design the 18th iteration of As, Not For, on display from November 4, 2020–February 19, 2021 in the Stone Gallery at Boston University.
Curatorial advisor: Mary Yang Exhibition design team: Angela Lian, Ashlie Dawkins & Gabbi Ferrari

Work featured in the show made by: Buddy Esquire, Phase 2, Emory Douglas, Archie Boston, Grafton Tyler Brown, Emmett McBain, Eugene Winslow, LeRoy Winbush, Reginald Gammon, Art Sims, W.E.B. DuBois, Pen & Pixel, Laini (Sylvia) Abernathy, Sun Ra, Cey Adams

*Some of the designers/arists extending beyond the show (special thank you to Jerome for providing the list):

Georg Olden, Sylvia Harris, Alex Walker, Fitzhugh Dinkins, Herbert Temple, Norman Hunter, Tom Miller, Ed Towles, Evan Gaffney, Gail Anderson, Leo Dillon, Michele Washington, Charles White, Timothy Jackson, Lois M. Jones, Archie Boston, Arthur Logan

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