Designed Utah Jazz 2022–2023 season concepts and asset applications, ahead of inagural rebrand for 49th NBA season. 

Amidst future rollout of a complete reposition of  team’s identity in the 2022–2023 season, I pitched brand directions and court concepts (some used, some unused) for the following seasonal look & feel brand assets. Later on, I developed functional in-game templates using a pattern pack created by Studio Dumbar.

Rebrand designed with in-house team [directed by Ty Andrews, Ben Barnes, Dan McKinney, David Young], The New Company and motion identity/brand development by Studio Dumbar
Unused Dec. 2021 in-house rebrand explorations/language later mirrored in Studio Dumbar insights to embrace the relationship with namesake jazz genre and the frenetic, jagged polyrhythms & syncopations of basketball—despite initial ownership resistance to brief in any music associations

Various design concepts explore the typographic potential and textural ‘bounciness’ that fully embracing a haphazard (a 1979 New Orleans Jazz team being relocated to a state with no connections to jazz) name could bring, while staying true to peaks—both literal terrain and metaphoric peaks of great basketball eras Utahns witnessed through five decades.

Contributed to gameday template development in Sep. 2022 with finalized brand language by Studio Dumbar; some gestures reflected in seasonal templates finalized by Ty Andrews (AD).

All photo-realistic jersey swaps and retouching by myself and Stockton Bermingham, since photos of players in jerseys did not exist prior to season start

Seasonal court concepts; presented idea to shift build of the wood panels to have an ownable 1-of-1 wood grain pattern, i.e., Boston’s parquet court, which was implemented into final design 

Final rendered court, with wood grain matching 25° stem angle of musical note logo and chroma-paint application along baseline. Designed with Ben Barnes, Stockton Bermingham, Kylie Larsen, and Emma Orgill.

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